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What Our Users Say

It has helped me become a happier and healthier person.
Great! It tracks my diet's vitamins, minerals, nutrients and shows if there's any deficiency. Great for getting in shape or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle!
Works wonders! Best app ever.
Very Good Quality. It has helped me become a happier and healthier person... it is beyond helpful and I would recommend it 10 times out of 10.
Works wonders! Best app ever.
Best app ever. Everyone that's breathing on this earth should have this. No kidding. Crazy amazing app.
It has helped me become a happier and healthier person.
Inspired me to change my lifestyle. It is helping me track my progress and it motivates me when I'm having an off day. Would truly recommend!
Perfection! Get this app!
Fantastic. Liv, the AI coach, is very helpful and bursting with knowledge, especially about vitamins and minerals. I've really learned a lot (and yes, I'm using a lot more Paprika).
Perfection! Get this app!
The information & organization in this app actually have me self motivated to eating properly just out of sheer understanding for the first time of the health benefits and impacts of everything I eat. The data is amazing, the best app of its kind!