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Inlivo is the easiest way to balance your nutrition and achieve optimal energy, health & performance.

There Is No One Quite Like You

Do you wish to boost your energy, sharpen your mind, improve sleep, get clearer and better-looking skin, and extend your lifespan? Taking one-size-fits-all approach towards your health and wellbeing more often than not will not work. That's why we built Inlivo – to provide wellness coaching customized to your unique body needs and health challenges, so you can feel, look and perform at your best.

Healthy Weight
Healthy Weight
Endurance & Stamina
Endurance & Stamina
Wellbeing & Longevity
Wellbeing & Longevity

Manage Weight Effortlessly

Build healthy habits that last a lifetime. The key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight isn't about short-term dietary changes. It's about consuming a well-balanced diet that includes a variety of foods that give you the nutrients you need to maintain your health and to feel good. Bottom line is: you achieve a healthy weight by getting your systems in balance, not by starving yourself.


Build Endurance and Stamina

Follow a nutrient-dense, well-balanced diet and you can easily meet your needs for endurance training and racing. Track carbohydrates, healthy fats, lean protein and electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium that play a key role in metabolic activities and are essential for the normal function of cells, including muscle function.


Boost Health & Increase Longevity

Take proactive approach towards managing health so you can improve your quality of life and live longer. Eliminate nutrient deficiencies to increase your healthy lifespan – micronutrient deficiencies cause DNA damage and may accelerate degenerative disease of aging, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, immune-system decline, brain dysfunction and cataracts.


  • Track Diet
  • Track Activity
  • Track Water Intake
  • Complete Product Nutrition Facts
  • 7-Day Healthy Weight Bootcamp
  • Instant Nutrition Feedback & Advice
  • Real-time Health Score
  • Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency Monitor
  • Personalized Wellness Plan
  • Unlimited Wellness Coaching Sessions
  • Nutrition Analysis for All Essential Nutrients
  • Track Macros
  • Track Carcinogens
  • Diets Based on Conditions
  • Special Purpose Diets
  • Natural Sources of Essential Nutrients
  • Health Benefits Coaching
  • Track High Risk Components
  • Top Sources of Nutrient in Diet
  • Daily Statistics

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