Other Desserts

Zero Calorie Jelly Mango Flavor
0 calories, 0g fat
per Cup (9.2 oz)
Astri sõrnikud
354 calories, 16.6g fat
per Ports (3.5 oz)
Duncan Hines Smores Cake
290 calories, 9g fat
per Pouch (2.4 oz)
Dippers strawberries
60 calories, 4g fat
per Pouch (1.2 oz)
Творожная запеканка
406 calories, 27.4g fat
per 200г (9.2 oz)
Fiber one-chewy bar/ oats and chocolate
14 calories, 0.4g fat
per Bar (1.4 oz)
Cascadian farm-organic chocolate chip chewy granola bar
140 calories, 3g fat
per Bar (1.2 oz)
Jet puffed snore marshmallow
110 calories, 0g fat
per Pieces (1.2 oz)
Ягодово Сорбе Ballino
484 calories, 0.8g fat
per Cup (13.8 oz)
Kids multivitamin gummies
15 calories, 0g fat
per 2 gummies (0.1 oz)
White Chocolate Covered Strawberry
70 calories, 0g fat
per Piece (6 oz)
Strawberry Shortcake
99 calories, 4.1g fat
per Slice (28.4 oz)
Rice Crispy Mini M&M
90 calories, 2.5g fat
per Bar (0.8 oz)
Duncan Hines Chocolate Lovers  Cake, single serve
300 calories, 9g fat
per 1 Pouch (2.5 oz)
Khmer (Rice & Milk pudding)
134 calories, 2g fat
per Cup (3.5 oz)
Lemon pudding cake
310 calories, 15g fat
per 1 slice (2.7 oz)
Panqueque con dulce de leche
100 calories, 0g fat
per Panqueque (1.8 oz)
Buttercream Icing
269 calories, 4.6g fat
per Serving (2.3 oz)
Nabisco Grahams Original
130 calories, 3.5g fat
per 8 crackers (1.1 oz)
Vitalis Crunchy Pillows with Chocolate Flavor, 15 oz
473 calories, 18g fat
per Bag (3.5 oz)