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Turkey, Breast,  All Classes, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Roasted
212 calories, 8.3g fat
per unit (4 oz)
Turkey, Breast, Smoked, Lemon Pepper Flavor, Fat-free
27 calories, 0.2g fat
per slice (1 oz)
Turkey, Breast, Fryer-roasters, Meat Only, Cooked, Roasted
117 calories, 0.6g fat
per unit (3.1 oz)
Turkey, Breast, Low Salt, Prepackaged Or Deli, Luncheon Meat
28 calories, 0.2g fat
per slice (1 oz)
Turkey, Breast, Pre-basted, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Roasted
1089 calories, 29.9g fat
per breast; bone removed (30.5 oz)
Turkey, Breast, Sliced, Oven Roasted, Luncheon Meat
34 calories, 0.5g fat
per serving (1.2 oz)
Turkey, Breast, Sliced, Prepackaged
15 calories, 0.3g fat
per slice (0.5 oz)
Turkey sandwiche
151 calories, 5.9g fat
per Sandwich (4.7 oz)
Turkey Quinoa Casserole
265 calories, 13.2g fat
per 1 serving (5.7 oz)
Roasted Turkey with Garlic Mashed Cauliflower
380 calories, 28.6g fat
per Tray (1 oz)
AppleGate smoked turkey breast
50 calories, 0g fat
per Slice (2 oz)
Turkey Burger
180 calories, 10g fat
per Burger (4 oz)
Turkey bacon
25 calories, 2g fat
per Slice (0.5 oz)
Kirkland Signature Turkey Breast
40 calories, 0.5g fat
per Slice (1.2 oz)
Subway Turkey Sub
580 calories, 30.6g fat
per 6 inch (1 oz)
Turkey breast, mesquite smoked jalapeño , HEB
70 calories, 2g fat
per 2 oz (2 oz)
Turkey Club Wrap Good
263 calories, 14.7g fat
per Wrap (140 oz)
Bresaola di Tacchino
177 calories, 1.7g fat
per Serving (3.5 oz)
Turkey breast
34 calories, 0.6g fat
per 2 slices (2 oz)
Mom's turkey with veggies
241 calories, 7.4g fat
per Serving (16.3 oz)