Chicken, Leg, With Skin, Fired
259 calories, 15.4g fat
per unit (95g)
Chicken, Leg, With Skin, Roasted
475 calories, 23.2g fat
per leg; with skin (258g)
Chicken, Leg, With Skin, Stewed
308 calories, 18.1g fat
per cup; chopped or diced (140g)
Chicken, Leg, Meat Only, Fried
116 calories, 5.2g fat
per unit (56g)
Chicken, Leg, Meat Only, Roasted
346 calories, 15.5g fat
per leg bone and skin r (199g)
Chicken, Leg, Meat Only, Stewed
296 calories, 12.9g fat
per cup; chopped or diced (160g)
Grilled Chicken
300 calories, 99.9g fat
per Leg (170g)
Slow cooker Thai chicken with peanut sauce
462 calories, 28.1g fat
per Serving (182g)
Honey Mustard & Rosemary Chicken
200 calories, 9.2g fat
per Serving (98g)
Church's chicken
120 calories, 6g fat
per Piece (54g)
Homemade Grilled Chicken
172 calories, 6.8g fat
per Piece (100g)
10 calories, 10g fat
per Slice (10g)
Chicken, Leg, Bojangles, Fried
128 calories, 7g fat
per Piece (20g)
Test 5
15 calories, 150g fat
per Slice (15g)
Test 6
100 calories, 1000g fat
per Slice (20g)
Chiken leg
167 calories, 0.3g fat
per Small (375g)
Tandoori Chiken
385 calories, 18.8g fat
per Half chicken (28g)
Poulet moutarde au four
322 calories, 23.4g fat
per Serving (120g)
Honey Garlic Chicken
869 calories, 34.7g fat
per Serving (292g)
Chicken, tomatoes, rice
464 calories, 15.5g fat
per Plate (431g)