Chilie Dish

Chili Con Carne
256 calories, 8.3g fat
per cup (8.9 oz)
Chili with Beans
287 calories, 14.1g fat
per cup (9 oz)
Rockin and Choppin Taco Salad
289 calories, 3.5g fat
per Salad (1 oz)
Rosie's Mexican Shredded Chicken and Bacon
226 calories, 8.3g fat
per Bowl (9.7 oz)
Rosie's Beef Nacho Mix
407 calories, 22.9g fat
per Bowl (12.1 oz)
Red Lentil Chili by Minimalist Baker
328 calories, 7.6g fat
per Serving (13.1 oz)
699 calories, 16g fat
per Serving (29.2 oz)
Chili enchalada
436 calories, 23.6g fat
per Serving (10.6 oz)
Chilies replenish
109 calories, 1g fat
per Each (1 oz)
Campbells chunky chilli hot&spicy
250 calories, 9g fat
per Cup (8.8 oz)