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Turkey, Other

Turkey, Gizzard, Cooked, Simmered
70 calories, 2.1g fat
per gizzard cooked (1.6 oz)
Turkey, Heart, Cooked, Simmered
35 calories, 1.5g fat
per heart (0.7 oz)
Turkey, Liver, Cooked, Simmered
100 calories, 4.3g fat
per liver cooked (1.9 oz)
Breakfast sandwich
344 calories, 14.3g fat
per 1 sandwhich (1 oz)
Egg muffin
168 calories, 12g fat
per Muffin (4.4 oz)
Breakfast bowl
384 calories, 20.4g fat
per 1 bowl (12.4 oz)
Sam's Choice Turkey Bacon
45 calories, 2.5g fat
per 1 Slice (0.8 oz)
Rudder Deli Turkey
60 calories, 1g fat
per Serving (2 oz)
Simply balanced all natural home style turkey meatballs
140 calories, 7g fat
per Meatballs (3 oz)
Boars head turkey and provolone sandwich
380 calories, 11.9g fat
per Serving (1 oz)
Roast Turkey
135 calories, 2.8g fat
per Serving (4 oz)
Turkey sandwich
276 calories, 9.8g fat
per Sandwich (3.8 oz)
Turkey carnitas
14 calories, 0.2g fat
per Ounce (1 oz)
Kroger turkey breast
50 calories, 1g fat
per 2 oz (2 oz)
Wawa Turkey&Cheddar Pinwheel Wraps
300 calories, 13g fat
per 1 package (5.2 oz)
Simple Truth Natural Extra Lean Ground Turkey
120 calories, 1g fat
per Container (4 oz)
Good Food Made Simple Turkey Sausage Breakfast Burrito
310 calories, 14g fat
per Burrito (5 oz)
Milio's turkey sandwich
504 calories, 17.5g fat
per Sandwich (6.8 oz)
Buddig Original Oven Roasted Turkey
90 calories, 5g fat
per 1 package (2 oz)
Starbucks Turkey & Havarti Sandwich
460 calories, 21g fat
per 1 package (6.1 oz)