Sweet and Sour Chicken

Sweet and Sour Chicken
1765 calories, 89.3g fat
per order (24.9 oz)
Asian bar
451 calories, 6g fat
per 1 serving (15 oz)
Stir fry
795 calories, 0.8g fat
per Plate (9.1 oz)
Crispy Honey Chicken
839 calories, 44.4g fat
per Dish (1 oz)
Tai pei Chinese
400 calories, 9g fat
per Container (12 oz)
General Tso's Chicken Without Sauce
230 calories, 15g fat
per bowl (3 oz)
Leeann Chin Oyster Wing
87 calories, 4.9g fat
per Wing (1 oz)
Panda Express Panda Bowl, Kung Pao Chicken w/ Steamed Rice
620 calories, 18g fat
per Bowl (10.6 oz)
General Saos Chicken and Rice
501 calories, 25.6g fat
per 1 cup (0 oz)
Sesame chicken Jeana
210 calories, 8.5g fat
per .5 cup (3 oz)
Tv dinner
330 calories, 3g fat
per 1package (8 oz)
Oven roasted chicken teriyaki bowl
410 calories, 5g fat
per Bowl (12.5 oz)
Kung pao sauce
25 calories, 0g fat
per Tablespoons (1.2 oz)
Panda express honey walnut shrimp
333 calories, 21.3g fat
per Serving (3.7 oz)
Panda express mushroom
175 calories, 7.3g fat
per Serving (10.4 oz)
Applebee's shrimp wonton stir fry
630 calories, 14g fat
per 1 plate (0.3 oz)