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Salami, Beef, Cooked
68 calories, 5.8g fat
per slice (0.9 oz)
Salami, Beef and Pork, Cooked
41 calories, 3.1g fat
per slice round (0.4 oz)
Salami, Turkey, Cooked
48 calories, 2.6g fat
per serving (1 oz)
Salami, Pork, Dry or Hard
460 calories, 38.1g fat
per package (4 oz)
Beerwurst, Beer Salami, Pork and Beef
155 calories, 12.6g fat
per oz (2 oz)
Salami, Pork and Beef, Dry or Hard
37 calories, 3.2g fat
per slice (0.4 oz)
Salami, Italian, Pork and Beef, Less Sodium
98 calories, 7.4g fat
per serving 5 slices (1 oz)
Salami, OSCAR MAYER, Beef Cotto
95 calories, 7.2g fat
per serving 2 slices (1.6 oz)
Salami, LOUIS RICH, Turkey
41 calories, 2.6g fat
per serving (1 oz)
Salami, Italian, Pork
119 calories, 10.4g fat
per oz (1 oz)
Ghiotti Salame Finocchiona
130 calories, 10.3g fat
per Serving (1.2 oz)
Cheatin' Salami Slices
287 calories, 18.6g fat
per Serving (3.5 oz)
Verkerks Lean Peperoni
26 calories, 1.5g fat
per 4 Slices (0.6 oz)
Boars Head Spicy Soppressata
90 calories, 7g fat
per 1 oz (1 oz)
Verkerks Lean Pepperoni
13 calories, 0.8g fat
per Slice (0.3 oz)
Red Pepper Salami
16 calories, 1g fat
per Slice (0.2 oz)
Original Salami
80 calories, 0g fat
per Slice (0.2 oz)
Parmesan Dry Sausage
17 calories, 1g fat
per Slice (0.2 oz)
PC. Salami
210 calories, 17g fat
per 11 slices (1.9 oz)
67 calories, 5g fat
per 2oz (2 oz)