Salads Without Meat

Greek salad
181 calories, 6.5g fat
per 1 cup (9.6 oz)
Ramen Coleslaw
147 calories, 12.8g fat
per Cup (1.8 oz)
Салат помидоры и огурцы
82 calories, 4.8g fat
per Serving (10.8 oz)
Mexican Street Salad Jamie Oliver
128 calories, 7.1g fat
per Serving (8.1 oz)
Hardware Chickpea Salad
378 calories, 22g fat
per Bowl (10 oz)
Fish and Friends Slaw
88 calories, 4.9g fat
per Cup (3.4 oz)
Салат из капусты
79 calories, 4.7g fat
per Serving (8.5 oz)
Trader joes veggie wrap
470 calories, 12g fat
per 1 wrap (12 oz)
Dandelion, Nectarine and Freekeh Salad
345 calories, 14g fat
per Serving (12.7 oz)
Roasted beetroot, red onion & watercress salad by Jamie Oliver
331 calories, 20.8g fat
per Serving (12.9 oz)
Wendy's Garden Side Salad
210 calories, 12.8g fat
per Salad (1 oz)
92 calories, 5.2g fat
per Serving (3.5 oz)
Dole pome salad
140 calories, 9g fat
per 1.5 cups (3.5 oz)
Veggie Wrap, Crazy Beans
689 calories, 40g fat
per 1 wrap (20.4 oz)
Taylor farms Asian chopped salad
170 calories, 12g fat
per Salad kit (3.5 oz)
Cole Slaw, Long John Silver's
200 calories, 14.9g fat
per Serving(s) (4 oz)
Cheese-Apple Salad
187 calories, 7.3g fat
per 1 PLATE (9.1 oz)
Avocado almond salad
348 calories, 26.5g fat
per 1 serving (12.8 oz)
Vege salad
32 calories, 0.8g fat
per Serving (3.1 oz)
Organic Super Greens
20 calories, 0g fat
per Cups (2 oz)