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Brownie, Home Made
132 calories, 8.1g fat
per oz (1 oz)
115 calories, 4.6g fat
per oz (1 oz)
Paleo brownies
247 calories, 15.7g fat
per Serving (2.6 oz)
Coconut flour banana brownies
91 calories, 1.1g fat
per Slice (1.8 oz)
Kidneybohnen Protein Brownies
74 calories, 3.4g fat
per Piece (1.6 oz)
Good to Go Bars Extra Protein Chocolate Brownie
130 calories, 6g fat
per Bar (1.3 oz)
Cosmic Brownies
280 calories, 10.9g fat
per 1 Brownie (1 oz)
Trader Josef's Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Brownie
150 calories, 6.9g fat
per Slice (1 oz)
Maple blondies
132 calories, 4.2g fat
per Slice (3.9 oz)
Little Debbie Conversation Hearts Iced Brownies
200 calories, 8g fat
per 1 Brownie (1.7 oz)
Nutella Brownies
1483 calories, 75.5g fat
per 1 slice (18.7 oz)
Garbanzo bean brownies
218 calories, 3.4g fat
per Slice (5.6 oz)
Bean Brownies
211 calories, 3.6g fat
per Slice (6.1 oz)
Bear Paw
180 calories, 5g fat
per Cookie (1.6 oz)
Mint chocolate protein bar
190 calories, 6g fat
per Bar (190 oz)
Caramel Brownie Bar
210 calories, 10g fat
per Bar (1.7 oz)
Rocky road
160 calories, 9g fat
per Slice (1.8 oz)
Natures bakery brownie
90 calories, 2.5g fat
per Slice (1 oz)
Starbucks Double Chocolate Chunk Brownie
380 calories, 23g fat
per 1 brownie (3 oz)
Gcb hhhfd
125 calories, 25g fat
per One stuff (1.8 oz)