Fried Food

4-Piece Chicken Nuggets
180 calories, 12.8g fat
per 4 Pieces (1 oz)
Chicken tenders and mash potato
930 calories, 40g fat
per Combo (22.5 oz)
Wendy's kid fries
220 calories, 11g fat
per 1 box (0.5 oz)
Burger king med fries
380 calories, 16.9g fat
per Box (4 oz)
Cavendish Potato Pattie
130 calories, 8g fat
per 1 Pattie (2.1 oz)
475 calories, 11.5g fat
per Whole (11.1 oz)
Taco Bell Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes
270 calories, 15g fat
per Serving (4.4 oz)
McDonald's fries
350 calories, 17g fat
per Whole contents (110 oz)
Fries hot chips
554 calories, 30g fat
per Bucket (5.3 oz)
Fried crab stick
166 calories, 3g fat
per Stick (3.5 oz)
Burger King French Fries (medium)
380 calories, 17g fat
per Medium (5.4 oz)
Regular Fries
410 calories, 18g fat
per Basket (2.8 oz)
Church's Fried Chicken Wing
300 calories, 18g fat
per 1 pice (4.3 oz)
Church's French Fries
140 calories, 6g fat
per Small (1.6 oz)
Wendy's value fries
230 calories, 9.9g fat
per Value (1 oz)
fish fingers
49 calories, 2.8g fat
per finger (0.9 oz)
Sonic Medium Tater Tot
360 calories, 19g fat
per Medium (90 oz)
Jack in the Box two tacos
520 calories, 12g fat
per Two tacos (7.1 oz)
Sonic tater tots
580 calories, 39g fat
per 1box (234 oz)
Chick-fil-A Waffle Fries Medium
400 calories, 20.7g fat
per Slice (1 oz)