Chia pudding
530 calories, 165.8g fat
per Jar (10.3 oz)
Chiabia´s Whole Chia Seed
42 calories, 3g fat
per Tbs (0.4 oz)
black sesame seeds
145 calories, 12.9g fat
per oz (1 oz)
Sunflower butter, creamy
200 calories, 16g fat
per 2 tbsp (1.1 oz)
Trader Joe's Super Seed & Ancient Grain Blend
130 calories, 5g fat
per Tablespoon (1.1 oz)
Chia Seeds
60 calories, 3g fat
per 1 TBSP (0 oz)
Trader Joe's Roasted and Salted Sunflower Seeds
200 calories, 17g fat
per grams (1.2 oz)
Sweetseeds Quinoa Bars
150 calories, 6g fat
per Package (1.4 oz)
Chia seeds
60 calories, 4g fat
per 1Tbsp (0.5 oz)
Organic Chia Seed
60 calories, 3g fat
per 1 Tbsp (0.4 oz)
Mix de Chia, Sésamo e Côco
73 calories, 5.8g fat
per Serving (0.5 oz)
Hemp pro 50
36 calories, 1.1g fat
per g (1.1 oz)
Nutri Grain Soft Baked Cereal Bars Strawberry
120 calories, 3g fat
per 1 bar (1.3 oz)
Quinoa Rissoto
400 calories, 9.9g fat
per Bowl (1 oz)
Trader Joes Chia Seeds
70 calories, 4.9g fat
per Tablespoon (0.5 oz)
365 Organic Flaxseed
80 calories, 5.9g fat
per Tbsp (1 oz)
Handfull of Everything
170 calories, 7g fat
per Cup (1.4 oz)
Going Bananas
230 calories, 15g fat
per Cup (1.6 oz)
Monster Arched Farms
170 calories, 10g fat
per Cup (1.3 oz)
Black chia seed
60 calories, 3g fat
per Tablespoon (0.4 oz)