Eggs, Other

Nana's Fratata
166 calories, 6.2g fat
per Slice (5.9 oz)
Southwester Style egg beaters
20 calories, 0g fat
per Tbsp (3 oz)
Ham, egg, and cheese sandwhich
589 calories, 32.5g fat
per Sandwhich (8.9 oz)
Denny's Egg Whites
60 calories, 1g fat
per Eggs (4 oz)
Large Eggs
70 calories, 5g fat
per 1 egg (1.8 oz)
Eggs Benedict Florentine
360 calories, 16g fat
per Plate (10 oz)
Egg Salad
203 calories, 18.4g fat
per Serving (3.2 oz)
Zucchini Souffle
180 calories, 3g fat
per 1 Souffle (7 oz)
+55 Veggie omelette
490 calories, 0g fat
per Meal (1 oz)
Spinach Olmlette
227 calories, 14.5g fat
per One (8 oz)
Eggs with mozzarella
229 calories, 16.9g fat
per Bowl (1.1 oz)
Turkey Sausage, egg white & cheese croissant
280 calories, 13g fat
per Sandwich (4.7 oz)
345 calories, 21.3g fat
per Serving (11.2 oz)
Southwestern Style EggBeaters
20 calories, 0g fat
per tbsp (0.1 oz)
Crepioca omelet
125 calories, 5.2g fat
per Unit (2.6 oz)
Eggs and Fresh Onions
338 calories, 25.5g fat
per Serving (9 oz)
Original egg beaters
25 calories, 0g fat
per 3Tbs (1.6 oz)
Vegan Omelette
75 calories, 1g fat
per Bag (1.1 oz)
Vegan Omelette
75 calories, 1g fat
per Bag (1.1 oz)
El Monterey egg, bacon, and cheese Burrito
290 calories, 12g fat
per 1 burrito (4.5 oz)