Eggs, Other

Egg substitute, omelet, scrambled, or fried, with cheese, meat, and vegetables
406 calories, 30.6g fat
per carton (8 fl oz) yields (7.2 oz)
UTZ Cheese Flavored Hulless Puff'n Corn, 2.5 oz
1457 calories, 116.5g fat
per carton (8 fl oz) yields (7.2 oz)
1400 calories, 178g fat
per 3 eggs (7.1 oz)
Cosi egg white bowl
90 calories, 0g fat
per Cup (16 oz)
Great Value 100% Egg Whites
25 calories, 0g fat
per Tablespoon (1.6 oz)
Protein bistro box
360 calories, 18g fat
per Box (6.8 oz)
Egg bacon cheese and potato cup
199 calories, 11g fat
per Cup/1/1 (5 oz)
Egg White Omelette with ham, spinach, mushrooms and pepper jack cheese
20 calories, 0.4g fat
per Count (1.8 oz)
Trader Joe's Mexican Quiche
500 calories, 34g fat
per Quiche (6 oz)
141 calories, 9.2g fat
per Slice (1 oz)
Spinach mushroom Omlet
404 calories, 29.1g fat
per Serving (13.4 oz)
Good Food Made Simple Southwestern Veggie Burrito
270 calories, 9g fat
per Burrito (5 oz)
Pizza Omelette
961 calories, 80.3g fat
per Omelette (12.5 oz)
Fried Spaghetti w/ egg
886 calories, 22g fat
per Serving (18.3 oz)
David's fried eggs
270 calories, 23.1g fat
per Serving (4.1 oz)
Egg Whites Salsa and Guac
123 calories, 4.4g fat
per Bowl (10.4 oz)
Standard Omlete
297 calories, 20g fat
per Serving (9.8 oz)