Eggs, Other

Huevos con Tomate
421 calories, 30.2g fat
per Serving (11.6 oz)
124 calories, 4.4g fat
per Serving (3.3 oz)
Tuna and egg sandwich
0 calories, 0g fat
per Sandwich (300 oz)
Tater Tot Casserole
577 calories, 37.5g fat
per Cup (10.9 oz)
Scrambled eggs
90 calories, 60.2g fat
per 1 serving (1 oz)
Zucchini, tomato, union omelette
122 calories, 7g fat
per 1 slice (6.7 oz)
Frog in hole
130 calories, 5.8g fat
per Count (2.2 oz)
Kuku celery
2 calories, 0.1g fat
per Grams (0 oz)
399 calories, 14.2g fat
per pan (6.1 oz)
Mini savourt eggs
554 calories, 26.9g fat
per D (8.5 oz)
omelette one sided spice
159 calories, 11g fat
per serving (3.7 oz)
205 calories, 14g fat
per Plate (7 oz)
Spinach and Bacon Quiche
371 calories, 23.5g fat
per Slice (10.7 oz)
Pirate's eye
160 calories, 7.7g fat
per eye (2.6 oz)
Egg mcmuffin
296 calories, 11.9g fat
per Sandwich (1 oz)
100% liquid Egg whites
125 calories, 0g fat
per Container (8 oz)
Smart Ones Tasty American Favorites Ham and Cheese Scramble
180 calories, 6g fat
per Package (6.5 oz)
My Ice-cream
35 calories, 0g fat
per Half cup (2.1 oz)
Fried egg w croissant and cheese
228 calories, 16.3g fat
per Plate (2.9 oz)
Egg breaky
385 calories, 27.1g fat
per Plate (8.3 oz)