Burgers & Sandwiches

Nutrisystem Grilled Chicken Sandwich
200 calories, 3g fat
per 1 package (3.7 oz)
Junior Chicken
375 calories, 19.8g fat
per Burger (1 oz)
A&W Mama Burger
444 calories, 23.7g fat
per Burger (1 oz)
Landshire Chicken Salad on Wheat
310 calories, 10g fat
per 1 sandwich (5 oz)
Ham and Mayonnaise
150 calories, 9.8g fat
per Sandwich (2.5 oz)
Turkey Italian wrap
680 calories, 34g fat
per Whole (11.7 oz)
Croque macdo
258 calories, 9.9g fat
per Croque (3.4 oz)
Vegan grilled cheese
401 calories, 9.5g fat
per Sandwich (4.9 oz)
Polar sandwitch with chicken and tomatoes
367 calories, 17g fat
per Sandwitch (5.8 oz)
Sandwich light
355 calories, 10g fat
per Serving (6.1 oz)
AVI ham and chees healthy
292 calories, 9.2g fat
per Sandwich (5.1 oz)
Starbucks Canadian Bacon Sandwich
280 calories, 13g fat
per 1 sandwich (4.3 oz)
17 calories, 0.2g fat
per Burger (4 oz)
Krystal w/ Cheese
160 calories, 8g fat
per 1 burger (2.6 oz)
Veggie bowl chips qauq
1445 calories, 20g fat
per Bowl (1 oz)
Chic-fil-a Spicy Chicken Deluxe
533 calories, 24.7g fat
per Sandwhich (1 oz)
Jimmy Dean Stuffed Hash Browns
270 calories, 17g fat
per 1 Piece (3.7 oz)
Chick-fil-a deluxe chicken sandwich
600 calories, 23g fat
per 1 burger (0.5 oz)
ABP Black Angus Roast Beef and Cheddar
563 calories, 20.7g fat
per Sandwich (1 oz)
GNG Caeser Wrap
554 calories, 28.4g fat
per Wrap (1 oz)