Rice & Potato Dishes

Gumbo With Rice
448 calories, 15.8g fat
per Serving (365g)
Paella, Seafood & Chicken
445 calories, 10.3g fat
per Serving (370g)
Paella, Chicken & Chorizo
387 calories, 9g fat
per Serving (330g)
Risotto With Mushrooms
495 calories, 12.2g fat
per Serving (380g)
Risotto With Chicken And Mushrooms
537 calories, 14.4g fat
per Serving (400g)
487 calories, 12.1g fat
per Serving (350g)
Pilaf, Saffron Rice
361 calories, 8.5g fat
per Serving (301g)
Pilaf With Chicken
414 calories, 10.5g fat
per Serving (331g)
Potato, Baked, Topped With Cheese Sauce
474 calories, 28.7g fat
per piece (296g)
Potato, Baked, Topped With Cheese & Bacon
451 calories, 25.9g fat
per piece (299g)
Potato Dauphinoise
484 calories, 27.6g fat
per Serving (305g)
Potato Au Gratin
494 calories, 17.8g fat
per Serving (300g)
Cheesy Mashed Potato Bake
527 calories, 27g fat
per Serving (310g)
Potatoes, Mashed
237 calories, 8.8g fat
per cup (210g)
Bremer potato and onion Pierogies
160 calories, 2g fat
per 3 Pierogies (114g)
Vištienos plovas su abrikosais
328 calories, 8.1g fat
per Portion (294g)
PFANNI Kartoffelknödel
120 calories, 0.7g fat
per Knödel (100g)
Loaded Hashbrowns
280 calories, 3.4g fat
per 1 plate (252g)
235 calories, 7.5g fat
per Serving (232g)
Foundation's Molten Tofu
432 calories, 12.6g fat
per Bowl (506g)