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Muffin, Blueberry, Low-fat
181 calories, 3g fat
per muffin small (2.5 oz)
Muffin, Plain, Low Fat Milk
84 calories, 3.2g fat
per oz (1 oz)
Muffin, Corn
87 calories, 2.4g fat
per oz (1 oz)
Muffin, Corn, Low Fat Milk
90 calories, 3.4g fat
per oz (1 oz)
Muffin, Oat Bran
77 calories, 2.1g fat
per oz (1 oz)
Muffin, Wheat Bran, With Raisins
89 calories, 2.6g fat
per oz (1 oz)
Cornbread, prepared from mix
30 calories, 0.9g fat
per surface inch (0.3 oz)
Cornbread, made from home recipe
31 calories, 1g fat
per surface inch (0.4 oz)
Jalapeno cornbread
31 calories, 1g fat
per surface inch (0.4 oz)
Cornbread stuffing
358 calories, 17.6g fat
per cup, NFS (7.1 oz)
Cornbread muffin, stick, round
201 calories, 5.5g fat
per small (2.3 oz)
Cornbread muffin, stick, round, made from home recipe
199 calories, 6.6g fat
per small (2.3 oz)
Corn flour patty or tart, fried
22 calories, 0.5g fat
per patty (0.4 oz)
Corn pone, baked
792 calories, 19.7g fat
per pone (8\" dia x 3/4\") (13.3 oz)
Corn pone, fried
151 calories, 6.4g fat
per piece (2.2 oz)
Gordita/sope shell, plain, no filling
300 calories, 16g fat
per cup (pieces) (3.5 oz)
Hush puppy
65 calories, 2.9g fat
per hush puppy (0.8 oz)
134 calories, 3.5g fat
per piece (1.7 oz)
305 calories, 12.6g fat
per cup (6.6 oz)
54 calories, 1.2g fat
per small (0.6 oz)